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Social networking is a resource, a maze, a puzzle, an opportunity and a challenge. Networking can instill one to one, one to many, and many to many interaction in real life. It can lead to clarity of thoughts through intense discussion, healthy debates, sharing resources, confirming facts, and developing understanding among members within the network. It can lead to expansion of the networking, bringing referrals from existing members and develop a potential group.  It can develop a sense of belonging among members and develop confidence and individual capabilities. Simply said it can bring people together on a platform for interaction and sharing and make them educated.
Social networking sites on the Internet are a growing phenomenon across the globe. India stand in the first as it expands its base at phenomenal rate of over 50-70 per cent depending upon the networking site. The membership is touching 50 million. New Indian social networking sites are being launched to glocalize this phenomenon and provide the best of opportunities to the local networkers. Considering the statistics, the demographic group with the highest membership is from 18+ group which has education and life skill training high on its agenda. Networking site providing education can be at advantage or expanding its ambit for tomorrow.
Social networking instills a platform for intense meaningful interaction, along with e learning tools members can undertake collective learning and benefit is reaffirming their learning and enhance their understanding subject matter and their concepts. Thereon, networkers can use the internet as a reference resource to get into the process of discovery and ask questions to fulfill their curiosity about subject matter and social networking.
Social networking sites providing e learning tools facilitate expert subject matter support upon whom they draw for guidance and advise to ask questions for social networking.

Such a support will direct these members to networker on these sites more purposefully and gain from networking. The expert support team engaged by the networking sites is drawn from group of academics experts, experienced professionals, and other subject matter experts who understand the needs of the members. They can provide the right perspective for your question about social networking and any other matter anytime and anywhere.
Ask any question on social networking as you interact on subjects, indoor and outdoor hobbies, sports, music, yoga, life skills, personality development, inhibitions, taboos, social evils, environment concerns, relationship issues, expressing interests on research, ideas, language, innovation, creative inputs, internet sites, software, developing relationship, networking with others, responses on situations, facing examinations, studies, science practical, developing leisure interests, and anything that you feel should needs a satisfactory and practical solution. You need curry inhibitions and hinder your development you want to seek for developing your personality, pursuing academics and suitable profession to choose.

Now you can Ask any question anytime from anywhere only at EM a Social Networking Site offers multi features like Guitar Learning, Cooking Tips, Free Educational Videos by Best Faculty of India.

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