What does a dream about your boyfriend cheating on you mean?

Question by bbyjacki: What does a dream about your boyfriend cheating on you mean?
I have a few question i needed to know:

1) What does a dream about your boyfriend cheating on you mean?

2) If you ask your boyfriend “if you gave him a chance to cheat would he” and his answer was i don’t know?

3) If you feel so insecure about yourself because your afraid he might cheat on you?

4) If you had a feeling he cheated on you before but you dont really know if it is true?

5) How do you know if he wants to spend his life with you or if he is just using you?

Best answer:

Answer by awesomedudem00
I think your paranoid…

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6 comments on What does a dream about your boyfriend cheating on you mean?

  1. kandersonred48 says:

    u really don’t trust this guy

  2. ✰Tɑʝʝi ɦɑs [ραɴdας]✰ says:

    it doenst mean anything (i have a few sometimes), but dont “completely” doubt it. It just means that your suspicous of him…

    that means he doesnt care enough about you if he said he doesnt know.

    Feeling insecure can cause A LOT of problems and its best to try not to feel that way.

    Well the way i see it he just wants to be with you “at the moment” and doesnt want a serious relationship, but then again maybe you could be paranoid right now.

  3. Carleyy...x says:

    You shouldn’t over-react about it because this happened to me about 2 weeks ago. It’s just a dream,carry on with it.

  4. toga says:

    1) it means dat ur suspicious about ur boyfriend, but it’s not telling u dat he really is..
    2) .. um;; dun ask him dat
    3) u should trust dat he loves u,, like u love him
    4) u’ll find out eventually.. when he says that “you are the best” it means there isn’t only u dat he’s dating
    5) don’t think about the future, just live in the mommment..

  5. baby,k♥. says:

    if you really asked the guy “if you ever had the chance to cheat on me” and his answers is IDK. then there’s something wrong right there, if he doesn’t want to cheat with you, he would straightly come out and say no i don’t want to. i think it’d be best for you to leave him, us girl’s have this sick gut feeling for a reason when a guy’s cheating on us, so use this an advantage for life.

  6. godrealized says:

    Why indulge with a boyfriend who might cheat on you. The message of the dream is very clear. Simply by asking… you may never get the truth! The truth always lay in the eyes of the beholder. Read the eyes of your boyfriend… you would come to know of the truth! Why settle with a boyfriend who is not trustworthy?

    Either you trust one or not! Think of it seriously. Introspect and arrive at a decision. Your future depends upon it… do not be careless in taking vital decisions affecting your life! The voice of your soul atman that seems to come from within our heart will tell the truth. More on Life- http://www.godrealized.org/truce_with_my_inner_self.html

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